ROUSSEL Anne-Marie

After a doctorate in Biochemistry / Nutrition (properties of walnut oil in cardiovascular diseases), I joined the Laboratoire de Biologie du Stress Oxydant (Director: Alain Favier) and contributed, as Associate Professor then Professor, to the development of Research "Micronutrients and oxidative stress". Convinced from the 80s of the importance of Nutrition in the prevention of oxidative pathologies (metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, etc.), I formed my own Research group (NVMC, EA 3746) and then joined the Bioenergetics Laboratoire de Bioénergétique Fondamentale et Appliquée, INSERM Unit 884 (Director: Xavier Leverve) by providing a nutritional theme “relationships between mitochondria, antioxidants and cognitive functions”: set of activities carried out in partnership with the food industry (Danone, Nestlé, Unilever, Aguettant ..) or the public authorities (ANR and European contracts, Unesco, ILSI) so that Nutrition is recognized in Public Health. As Professor Emeritus at the UGA (Faculté de Pharmacie of UGA), I continue to defend nutritional prevention by promoting exchanges between research laboratories and the food industry and by participating in "Nutrition" lessons intended for Health professionals.