Encyclopédie environnement - Grenoble

The environment is a huge subject that covers:
– the terrestrial environments where life develops, air, water and soil,
– the conditions offered to life and in particular the climate, which are of great concern on the scale of the 21st century,
– the profound links between nature and life, the origin and erosion of biodiversity, ecosystems and their evolution,
– but also the interactions between man, nature and all living beings.

This open-access site, designed and prepared by scientists, sponsored by the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) and the Communauté d’Universités et Établissements Grenoble Alpes (ComUE), is intended for any curious reader of its environment. In articles abundantly illustrated and signed by their authors, he describes the phenomena and proposes a first level of explanation accessible to anyone with a culture similar to that of the baccalaureate. All these texts have been appraised by an editorial committee, which ensures that they aim to be truly objective. Their claims are based on proven evidence, with references to original sources, and any uncertainties are indicated.

This set is organized into eight sections, each led by subject matter experts, divided into thematic modules that include one or more articles. Despite their large number, thanks to a unified format and numerous links, these articles form a coherent whole, whose ergonomics allow quick access to any subject identifiable by a keyword. A contact form allows the reader to contact the authors and comment on their articles.

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