Elodie Fleury is an engineer in bioinformatics and modeling graduated from INSA Lyon in 2005. She then did a doctorate at Ifremer in Brest from 2006 to 2009, focusing on transcriptomic and physiological approaches developed on the cupped oyster undergoing summer mortality phenomena. After a post-doctorate in Canada at the Université de Laval in Quebec, she was recruited as a researcher at Ifremer in 2011, where she coordinates a national network for monitoring the shellfish performance of the cupped oyster, engaged by the Ministry of the DGAl (https://wwz.ifremer.fr/observatoire_conchylicole/Presentation). In 2016, she was appointed head of the Invertebrate Physiology laboratory at Ifremer in Brest, whose objectives are to study the interactions between bivalves and their environment in natural conditions or in the context of aquaculture. His work thus helps to understand the effects of the environment on the life history traits of these marine organisms, to improve the sustainability of aquaculture production, and to allow more sustainable exploitation of marine organisms in coastal social ecosystems.

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