CRIQUI Patrick

Patrick Criqui is an expert economist on economic modeling for energy and energy transition scenarios. His early research focused on the economics of solar energy and then modeling international energy markets. He then developed a long-term global energy model, the POLES model, now used by the European Commission and various governments or companies in Europe, for the economic analysis of climate policies. He was also lead author of the IPCC Working Group No. 3. As part of the implementation of the Paris Agreement, it is now focusing its work on monitoring national policies for deep carbon decarbonisation and carbon neutrality. Member of the Membre du Conseil économique pour le développement durable with the Minister of Ecology since 2008, he has been an expert in scenarios in the Débat National sur la Transition Énergétique (2013) and in the development of the Stratégie Nationale de Recherche, in the energy workshop (2014).

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