Since the 1980s, his research has focused on "opportunistic deep fungal infections" (pathophysiology, immunology, biological diagnosis), linked to deep immunosuppression and due to environmental micromyces or endogenous yeasts. This work was carried out until 2002 in the framework of recognized laboratories: the UPRES-A CNRS "Relations Hôte-Agents Pathogènes" then the EA-UJF "Interactions Cellulaires Parasites-Hôte". The experience acquired in 30 years is reflected in the management of a European contract (Molecularepidemiology of invasive aspergillosis: 1997-2000), some 100 publications and book chapters and the writing of a book « Mycoses humaines : démarche diagnostique », Elsevier-France, 1995, 400p). Her career path has been selected from the twelve "Women of Science" portraits of the Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble (2000). At the end of her career, she mainly devoted herself to expertise activities at the Institut de Veille Sanitaire (evaluation of National Reference Centres) and academic activities, including the Direction of the Faculté de Pharmacie de Grenoble (2007-2011). Renée GRILLOT has been a full member of the Académie Nationale de Pharmacie since 2001.

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