Céline Clauzel has been a teacher-researcher in environmental geography since 2009, first attached to the THEMA laboratory in Besançon, then to the LADYSSlaboratory in Paris. She is interested in biodiversity issues approached from the angle of ecological networks and their integration into territorial planning. His work combines spatial modeling and naturalistic data analysis methods. She works in a multidisciplinary approach (geographers, computer scientists, ecologists, anthropologists) associating scientists and operational actors. She participates in the development of the Graphab software dedicated to the spatial modeling of ecological networks and in its training. His most recent work focuses on the evaluation of the connectivity of networks of ponds (turquoise grid) and on the contribution of vegetated micro-spaces to urban connectivity, in particular that of vegetated schoolyards. She is the author of more than 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

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