FILLOL Clemence

Clémence Fillol is head of the exposure monitoring unit at the occupational health and environment department of Santé publique France. She holds a doctorate in public health from the University of Paris Descartes (2010) and a doctorate in pharmacy. His work focuses on the characterization of population exposure, through the development and measurement of biomarkers. It has developed the French biomonitoring program which aims to determine the exposure of the French population to chemical substances present in the environment, to research the determinants of this exposure and to compare the results with those of foreign programs. This program was based in particular on the work of the Elfe cohort of the joint inserm/ineD unit and the Esteban study of Public Health France. It has also strengthened the links between the national program and other comparable international initiatives - in particular the HBM4EU projects and then the PARC partnership project. At the same time, this approach was developed to answer specific questions about local situations or exposure to specific compounds, such as with the PestiRiv study, which will answer the exposure to pesticides of populations living near wine-growing areas.

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