Ghislain DE MARSILY†

Ghislain de Marsily, a civil mining engineer, passed his state thesis at Paris VI in 1978 and taught applied geology at the Ecole des Mines de Paris and then at the Université Paris VI. Its field of activity, mainly centred within the METIS (Milieux environnementaux, transferts et interactions dans les hydrosystèmes et les sols) research unit, concerns groundwater, global water resources, their protection and management, the management of waste (nuclear, industrial or domestic) buried in the ground, and sustainable development for which water is a fundamental element, affected by climate change.He is the author of several hundred publications in major international scientific journals and several books, including Hydrologie quantitative (Masson, 1981), Flow and Tansport in FracturedRockes (Acad. Press, Orlando, 1993), L’eau (Flammarion, 1995, 2000), L’eau, un trésor en partage (Dunod, 2009). His career has been rewarded with numerous prizes and high distinctions.

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