BENZI Roberto

Roberto Benzi, professor of theoretical physics at Univ. of Roma “Tor Vergata”, did a master thesis on second order phase transition under the supervision of Nicola Cabibbo and Giorgio Parisi. Since then, he worked on climate dynamics and turbulence, using high resolution numerical simulations. After a research position at the IBM Center for Parallel and Vector Computing in Roma, he obtained his professor position at Roma in 1988. With S. Succi, he introduced the lattice Boltzmann equation for computational fluid mechanics. In the last fifteen years he worked on turbulence for complex flows (turbulent drag reduction by polymer) and rheology of soft glasses. He also worked on population dynamics in laminar and turbulent flows. He has got several major prizes: in 1984, IBM International Prize for Outstanding Technical and Scientific Innovation. In 2006, the Lewis Fry Richardson medal of the European. Geophysical Society . In 2021 the IG Nobel Prize in Physics.

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