Stéphane Pouvreau is an Agronomist and holds a doctorate in Fisheries and Aquaculture. He was recruited in 2000 at Ifremer and is currently working in the LEMAR research unit on the Ifremer experimental site in Argenton- en-Landunvez. He conducts research in the ecology and ecophysiology of marine invertebrates, in particular on marine bivalves of economic, heritage and ecological interest (oysters, scallops, scallops, etc.). At the national level, he is responsible for the VELYGER observatory, an observation network that ensures the smooth reproduction of the hollow oyster (the first French aquaculture species). At the regional level, he is in charge of research projects on the ecological restoration of endangered native bivalves (Flat oyster and scallop). More locally, he co-leads the Zone Atelier Brest Iroise (ZABRI), an interface between Science, Sea Professionals and Civil Society. In general, his research projects are interested in the effects of environmental factors on the reproduction and recruitment strategies of marine bivalves, particularly in the dual context of climate change and the erosion of biodiversity. Its work is generally based on the implementation of monitoring and field experiments in ecology, the acquisition of long-term time series and their analysis using statistical tools and numerical modeling. To carry out his research projects, he is also a professional scientific diver.

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