Alexandra Courtin-Nomade is Professor of Geosciences at the Université de Limoges, assigned to the Laboratoire PEIRENE axis 3-GRESE. His work is devoted to the study of metal contamination in the critical area within solid compartments (rocks, soils, sediments) using crystallochemistry, mineralogy and geochemistry tools. It is particularly interested in products generated by mining and industrial activities (waste rock, slag). Within the framework of the chaire GRQE (Grandes Retenues et Qualité de l’Eau), for which she coordinates the "sediments" axis, she is interested in the roles of dams on sediment continuity as well as their role as sediment reservoirs, sediments that can be both a trap and a source of contaminants. This work involves knowledge of sediment mineralogy and the study of processes at interfaces.

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