Benoît Dewandel has been a researcher at BRGM since 2002. He obtained his PhD in 2002 from the Université des Sciences et Techniques de Montpellier on the basement aquifers of Oman. From 2002 to 2007, he was part of the Centre Franco-Indien de Recherche sur les Eaux Souterraines (CEFIRES), a joint laboratory between BRGM and the National Geophysical Research Institute (Hyderabad, Télangana, India) specializing in the hydrogeology of basement aquifers. Since 2007, he has been leading several R&D projects on complex aquifers (basement, volcanics) at BRGM in Montpellier. His main research work focuses on conceptualizing the hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical functioning of complex aquifers, estimating their hydrodynamic parameters, including the development of appropriate mathematical solutions to model pump tests in these environments, the development of techniques for regionalizing these parameters, but also the development of decision support tools to improve the management of groundwater resources in basement aquifers. Together with his colleagues geologists and hydrogeologists, including Robert Wyns and Patrick Lachassagne, he contributed to the development of the modern concept of the stratiform basement aquifer and its validation in different countries or continents. His work has resulted in several scientific publications.

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