Doctor in Cellular and Molecular Biology (1997), Cécile Breyton is Research Director at the CNRS. Her scientific career has taken her successively to the Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique (Paris), the Max-Planck Institute für Biophysik (Frankfurt) and Institut de biologie structurale (Grenoble) where she has been in charge of a team since 2016 and Deputy Director since 2017. The main focus of his work is the study of the stability of the structure of membrane proteins. In particular, she determined the role of delipidation in the inactivation of membrane proteins manipulated in detergent solution and determined by electronic crystallography the first structure of the translocon, a ubiquitous protein in living organisms that allows certain proteins to pass through the membranes. She then focused on the development of new fluorinated surfactants to manipulate membrane proteins in solution. In recent years, she has been particularly interested in elucidating the molecular mechanisms of bacterial wall perforation by phages during the early stages of bacterial infection by phages, the viruses that attack them.