Pascal Villard is a professor at the Université Grenoble Alpes. He teaches in the GCCD (Génie Civil et Construction Durable) department at IUT1 in Grenoble. His research, at Laboratoire 3SR, focuses on the development of numerical models dedicated to the study and dimensioning of structures in soil reinforced by piles and geosynthetics as well as the study of gravity movements (boulder falls and rock avalanches). He has participated in the writing of several synthesis works on the modelling of reinforced soil structures and is co-author with Vincent Richefeu of a work dedicated to the modelling of gravity risks. Attracted by the discrete element method (discretization of soils by a set of interacting grains), he tries to analyze the mechanisms involved in reinforced soil structures with the objective of improving dimensioning methods. Having participated in numerous projects combining intimate full-scale experiments and numerical modelling, he appreciates with interest and consideration the practitioner's opinion and critical view of these works.

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