Pierre Vauclare is a physiobiochemist and metabolic specialist in higher plants and lake microalgae. He prepared his doctoral thesis "Structure, biogenesis and expression of the T protein of the glycine decarboxylase complex of higher plants" under the supervision of Prof. Roland Douce at the laboratoire de Physiologie Cellulaire Végétale in Grenoble. After postdoctoral fellowships in the United States (University of Louisiana) and Switzerland (Universities of Bern and Lausanne), he joined the Institut de Biologie Structurale de Grenoble in 2012 as a "Handicap" research fellow at the CNRS, within the ELMA laboratory (Extremophiles et grands assemblages moléculaires) directed by Bruno Franzetti. Since then, his work has focused mainly on the study of the physico-chemical and physiological mechanisms of micro-organisms in extreme environments.