Serge Aubert (1966-2015) was Professor at the Université Joseph Fourier, Director of the Station Alpine Joseph Fourier and researcher at the Laboratoire d’écologie alpine (LECA). His initial training in plant cell physiology was confirmed by a thesis on the metabolism of non-chlorophyll plant cells at the Laboratoire de Physiologie cellulaire et végétale (LPCV) in Grenoble. Little by little, his work is oriented towards the response of alpine plants to the various stresses they face. He joined the LECA (Laboratoire d’écologie alpine) in 2003, and collaborates in numerous research programs on the diversity of alpine plants. More recently, he had been involved in large projects dealing with the geographical distribution of high-altitude plants, in particular compact plants called pillow plants, for which he had become the undisputed specialist. Serge Aubert will be at the origin of the creation in 2005 of the unité mixte de service Station Alpine J. Fourier (UMS UJF-CNRS), of which he will ensure the continuous management.

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