CASSARD Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie Cassard is a Research Fellow at the INSERM dans l’Unité Inflammation, Chimiokines & Immunopathologie, U996, at the Université Paris-Sud and attached to the Université Paris-Saclay. The team she co-directs with G. Perlemuter, entitled Microbiote intestinal, macrophages et inflammation hépatique, is interested in the role of the intestinal microbiota in the susceptibility to develop liver damage during nutritional diseases and in particular in alcoholic liver disease and metabolic steatopathy (liver disease associated with overweight and obesity). The research team is supported by the Antoine-Béclère Hospital's hospital services, including the gastroenterology and nutrition department headed by Professor G. Perlemuter, which is a close collaboration between basic research and the clinic that promotes the emergence of translational research projects that aim to identify the bacteria or products manufactured by these bacteria involved in protecting against liver damage during alcohol consumption or in obese people. In 2016, A. M. Cassard co-authored with G. Perlemuter a book for the general public on the intestinal microbiota « les bactéries des amies qui vous veulent du bien », published by Solar. This book received the Science for the Best Popularization of Science Award in 2017.

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