SALMON Sandrine

Sandrine Salmon is an Engineer at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Unité Mécanismes Adaptatifs et Evolution (UMR 7179 MECADEV), in the ECOTROP team. After an initial training in plant biochemistry, she entered the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle to study soil invertebrates and completed a thesis on the effect of abiotic factors (acidity...) and interactions between species (predation, commensalism) on soil arthropod populations (Collembolas). She then became involved in numerous research programs on the impact of forest dynamics, forest management practices, agri-environmental and agricultural practices on biodiversity and soil functioning (organic matter mineralization). At the same time, it is creating a Collembola trait database (Coltrait) to understand the functional aspects of studying soil communities. This database has led to numerous collaborations in France and around the world as well as the contribution to the BETSI soil invertebrate database. More recently, Sandrine Salmon has been involved in research in tropical ecology, including a project on the recolonization of lava flows on Reunion Island. Currently, she is initiating research on communication between arthropods in the soil. His work has resulted in some 40 research articles published in international journals.

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