François Bouttier is General Engineer of Ponts, Eaux et Forêts, assigned to the CNRM (Centre National de Recherches Météo-France et du CNRS). Among other work, he developed improvements to the forecasting system of the Centre Européen pour les Prévisions Météorologiques à Moyen Terme (CEPMMT), led the development of the AROME forecast model for Météo-France, and designed the AROME ensemble forecast system. He is a recognized researcher in data assimilation and atmospheric modelling. He is the author of about thirty scientific articles on numerical weather prediction in peer-reviewed journals. He teaches at various universities and engineering schools, and has published widely used courses in data assimilation. He has directly supervised some fifteen theses and post-doctoral contracts, the data assimilation research team (CEPMMT), as well as the Météo-France numerical forecasting group. He is also the media contact point on weather change issues.

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